[K1] Korriban Crystal Cave

[K1] Korriban Crystal Cave

Dantoine gets to have a crystal cave and all Korriban gets is Shyrack caves and a bunch of tombs? Problem solved! Now Korriban has its very own, brand-new cave full of crystals… and a couple critters too.

In the back of the Shyrack Caves, there’s a passage… a passage to the inhospitable surface AND an access tunnel to the crystal cave. You’ll be given the option of taking the side passage or backing away once you get to the passage.

Beware of the Deathadder Kinrath! Once you slash your way through a pile of Viper Kinrath on steroids, you’ll find some interesting items in the crystal formations. Then, if you turn your attention to the recently deceased Dark Jedi Master’s remains, you’ll find a couple items that should help you on your way :)

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  1. Extract files from archive
  2. Run Korriban Crystal Cave Install.exe

Changes to v1.1

  • New texture for Deathadder Kinrath
  • Updated to use TSLPatcher for installation (for compatibility with other mods)



Version: 1.1  Filesize: 844Kb


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